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Search Engine Optimisation Guide for Lawyers

Helpful Information Regarding Search Engine Optimisation For Solicitors

Many law firms have been able to exponentially increase yearly revenues through effective SEO strategies. With the right optimisation strategy, a solicitor can drastically increase the total clients that they serve each year. Many modern law firms have formulated marketing plans that are sometimes completely focused on search engine optimisation to draw new clients. With this in mind, here is some helpful information solicitors should keep in mind regarding SEO.

The landscape for SEO in the legal industry is immensely competitive. The high competitiveness results from the fact that being able to rank highly for legal keywords can potentially mean millions in extra revenues. It is not uncommon to hear about large law firms spending millions of dollars each year purely on optimisation costs. Some of the most common and most lucrative keywords in the legal industry can yield millions of search results each year. Hence, if a law firm is able to formulate an effective ranking strategy, it is highly likely that they will see great growth and success in the future.

The hardest part about SEO for solicitors is the fact that ranking well for lots of different relevant legal keywords is becoming more tricky with each day. As mentioned, considering the benefits that come with ranking at the top of the page for some of these phrases, more and more firms are investing enormous sums of money into SEO budgets. Smaller law firms and solicitors that provide freelance work may find the prospect of competing with such large budgets very intimidating. Thankfully, there are certain workarounds for smaller legal professionals to use when it comes to SEO.

Smaller law firms and freelance solicitors should focus on search engine optimisation that is centred around legal keywords that are low in competitiveness. Being able to compete with the multi-million dollar SEO budgets of multinational law firms is simply impossible for smaller firms. However, this doesn’t mean that these firms are unable to make good use of SEO. Rather, it just means that the business should target easier keywords that they will be able to rank highly without having to spend excessive sums of money. Ranking highly for less competitive legal keywords can still result in considerable increases in revenue and total clients.

An SEO Guide for Lawyers


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With the above in mind, many smaller firms have trouble identifying and properly targeting legal keywords that have a low level of competitiveness. The most popular and most competitive keywords are very easy to identify, however, phrases which are less common can be hard to decipher at first. It’s for this reason that professional SEO consultants should be hired by these firms and solicitors. Professional search engine optimisation consultants will have all of the industry knowledge and technical tools needed to accurately and efficiently identify the perfect keywords a given legal professional should target considering their total budget and circumstances – see http://LegalMarketingServices.Agency

Solicitors and law firms that don’t have millions of dollars to spend on SEO can still rank highly and gain huge amounts of exposure. However, in order to do so, they need to utilise the help of reputable SEO professionals to understand which keywords are best to target.